Love Dinner

First date

Carpaccio of smoked marlin with Timbut pepper cherry chutney
mustard seed brioche and wild herb salad

vegetarian alternative:

Jackfruit avocado tartare with Timbut pepper cherry chutney
wild herb salad and mustard seed brioche

Just the two of us

Clear vanilla tomato essence
with prosciutto bonbon and basil perfume

vegetarian alternative:

Clear vanilla tomato essence
with mascarpone spinach tortellini and basil perfume


Champagne sorbet with matcha espuma
and white chocolate crispies

Cloud number nine

Black feathered chicken served two ways with black Riesling glace
sautéed sugar snaps and porcini mushroom potato tartlet

vegetarian alternative:

Buckwheat noodles in meadow herb dashi
with edamame, silk tofu and grilled shiitake mushrooms

Sweet seduction

Ricotta cream
with red rosehip, yuzu ice cream and airy chocolate

Price per person 92,00 €

Please note that our Love Dinner changes at Valentine’s day.

Reserve now at 0931 97020!

⇒ Please note that requests for changes on site are associated with an additional charge. To avoid this as much as possible, please inform us in advance of any allergies or special menu requests.

Pictures can deviate from the actual decoration!



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