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Admire historical works of art by world famous artists, visit exhibitions of contemporary artists or marvel at the architectural splendor that includes the Marienberg Fortress and the famous “Residenz Palace”, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Würzburg Residenz Palace has hosted Germany’s oldest Mozart festival for the last 90 years. Each year, some 30,000 guests from all over the world converge on Würzburg to be enchanted by four weeks of Mozart interpretations in fabulous surroundings. Further highlights in the Würzburg cultural calendar: the beguiling Bach festival and the amazing Africa Festival, Europe’s largest festival for African music and culture. And here are just a few more exciting events that you definitely don’t want to miss: the international film weekend, the extremely popular wine festivals, the Improtheaterfestival (the improvisation festival), traditional local festivals and so much more. You will find the most important dates for your diary at www.wuerzburg.de.
Our Steinburg Culture Packages for art and culture enthusiasts will make your visit memorable. Experience Würzburg’s unique Arts & Culture atmosphere the Steinburg way! We can help with the planning, find gourmet dishes to match the mood, organize transfers to events and spoil you with a sumptuous breakfast buffet the next morning. To find out more about the Steinburg packages, go to “Hotel Packages”.

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