Dining Ambience

Enter our Fireside Dining Room (KAMINZIMMER) and we will transport you to another world. Our dining rooms are individually designed to create the ambience and atmosphere of an ancient bygone time. Dine as once King Arthur – our Knight’s Hall (RITTERSAAL) and Castle Vault (SCHLOSSGEWÖLBE) will take you back in time and immerse you in the history of our castle. Do you love the flair of French châteaux, a crackling fire and classic elegance? Then welcome to our Fireside Dining Room! Or do you prefer a more Mediterranean style? Then you will love our Tower Room (TURMZIMMER) and Bay Window Room (ERKERZIMMER) with its magnificent views.

Relax on our panoramic terraces under magnificent shady chestnut trees, breathe in the fresh country air and enjoy the visual feast of the luscious green vineyards, the Marienberg Fortress and the Franconian beauty of the city of Würzburg. What better way to spend a warm sunny day or evening?

We look forward to welcoming you!

Schloss Steinburg
Hotel und Weinrestaurant e.K.
Mittlerer Steinbergweg 100
97080 Würzburg am Main

Telefon +49 931 9 70 20
Fax +49 931 9 71 21
E-mail: hotel@steinburg.com