Philosophy of our House

Happy guests through a happy staff

The honorable Schlosshotel Steinburg, which was built on the foundation of a medieval fortress in 1897, has remained the property of The Bezold Family for three generations. The building complex houses the different “worlds” of the Steinburg, “Castle Manor”, “Country Manor” and “Refugium” and combines historical-elegant style elements with contemporary puristic design. The hotel offers the right ambiance for every taste.

Our excellent restaurant pampers its guests with fine culinary delights, upscale cuisine, and warm and attentive service. In the atmospheric wine cellar “SteinReich”, you will find the excellent wines of the famous vineyard “Wurzburger Stein”. Those who want to meet or celebrate here will also find themselves in perfect hands. Our modern and versatile conference equipment, combined with our lovingly decorated tables, provide the best conditions for a successful event. Schlosshotel Steinburg has always stood for the highest quality!

To ensure we can provide this in our daily interactions demands the need of excellent employees, those who practice their profession out of passion, and who feel comfortable being on our team: “The Steinburg Family”. It is especially important to us, the Bezold Family, to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and appreciation. Because guests and employees meet at eye level at our establishment, it creates the authentic warmth that you can feel as a guest.


In times of labor shortages and “black sheep” in gastronomy, we counteract this consciously: minimum wage, labor laws, and much more and take it more seriously than ever. Only together, with our guests, will we be able to preserve our Steinburg, so guests and employees wishes will continue to remain in harmony.

Quality must have its price, terms and conditions must be strictly adhered to and we are also critical of price negotiations. Only in this way can we treat our employees fairly and continue to maintain their passion and enthusiasm for the profession in the hospitality industry. So our guests will encounter content staff members who will ensure an extraordinary experience and will bring a smile to your face.
And when everyone leaves our establishment happy and satisfied, to come back as soon as possible, we know, we did everything right!

Schloss Steinburg
Hotel und Weinrestaurant e.K.
Mittlerer Steinbergweg 100
97080 Würzburg am Main

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E-mail: hotel@steinburg.com