A quick word …

Dear guests!

One of our company values is “honesty”. It is therefore very important to us that you know some facts, before you come to us for the first time. Especially, because we want you to have a wonderful stay here at Schlosshotel Steinburg.
It is equally important to us that you are also honest with us. An open and respectful exchange should be the foundation for any solution, if something is not as anticipated.

Your way to Schloss Steinburg
Getting to Schloss Steinburg via Unterdürrbach is a challenge, despite good signposting. The narrow “Steinburgstraße” (coming from Unterdürrbach) is not easy to follow and there are only few options to let oncoming traffic pass. Our tip: No matter from which direction you come, take the “Reussenweg” variant via Grombühl. Steinburg is very well signposted on this route and you will arrive at our hotel in a relaxed manner. The exact directions are here.

Public transport
In the past, the Steinburg was reached on foot or by horse-drawn carriage. Unfortunately, there was and is no public transport directly to us. A nice alternative is a walk through the vineyards to the town. In 20-30 minutes, you have reached your destination – for shopping or even for a “Brückenschoppen” on the Old Main Bridge (Alte Mainbrücke). Next to the bridge is a taxi stand for the way back to the castle.

Lift, stairs & air-conditioning in Castle Manor and Country Manor
In Castle Manor, you have to climb many narrow steps to reach the labyrinthine roome. A challenge, even for those who use GPS, and our castle ghosts. But don’t worry, the staircase is well signposted and we will be happy to help you with your luggage.
Due to building regulations, it was not possible to upgrade a lift in neither Castle Manor nor Country Manor. We will gladly consider your request for a room on the lower floors or in our new building Refugium (which has lift, air-conditioning and is handicapped accessible).
Unfortunately, we do not have air-conditioning in either of the Manors. At the time of construction, this was far from being “en vogue”. However, we are working on finding a solution that is compatible with the old walls of a castle. We are however happy to provide you with fans on request.

Air-conditioning „Refugium“
This only works in the Refugium, when the windows are closed.

Connection to the main building
To get to the beautiful rooms and function rooms in the Refugium, briefly leave our main building. After about 30 metres, you have reached your destination. Should the weather not cooperate, our Steinburg umbrellas are at your disposal.
Our tip for check-in: park your car in the car park. Leave your luggage and check in first at our reception in the main building.

Our restaurant is very popular with the local people of Würzburg. Especially our terrace seats in summer time. Therefore, it sometimes happens that we cannot offer tables to our house guests. We highly recommend to book a table directly when making a reservation! Alternatively, we can recommend different restaurants in the Würzburg city centre.

Menu instead of choosing à la carte
The consequences of the pandemic and the associated closing of our hotel are spreading far and wide and challenges us. We have reacted to these situations by changing our restaurant concept and are now very excited to see how our guests accept this redesign.
So now, we invite you to join us on a menu journey. Seven evenings a week, seven different menus. With vegetarian options also available. During the day, you can enjoy delicious snacks in Steinburg’s café.

Health is important to us. Exercise in the fresh air is the healthiest way of all (and with minimized viral risk). You can jog, run, cycle (we have great e-bikes) and hike during your stay with us. There are countless possibilities and levels of difficulty. All this while enjoying the unique view over Würzburg. (Who then needs a fitness room?!)


„Respect is and remains the most valuable currency.“

One thing is clear: During the pandemic, everyone has had to accept social, cultural and possibly also financial losses. This can wear on the nerves and is understandable. We “Steinbürger” (Steinburg staff) feel the same way. That makes it all the more important to concentrate on the positive. For example, how nice it is to finally have the opportunity to be able to meet up with loved ones again or simply spend a relaxing weekend in a hotel. Enjoy your free time! Please let us treat each other with respect. Because that is and still remains the most valuable currency.

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