Our companie`s values

It is of great importance to us, that every guest and every member of staff feel comfortable at our castle. We wish to have an atmosphere which is characterised by openness consideration and understanding. That is the reason why we have defined the following six company values as our cornerstones for everyday interactions:


“Friendship flows from many sources, however the purest is respect.”
The base for all kind of collaboration is respect. It is very important that you meet as equals and communicate with a considerate and honest manner – of your origin, position or what opinion you hold.


“Humans are nothing in themself. They are just limitless opportunities. However, they are infinitely responsible for these opportunities.”
The way to the goal begins with responsibility for one’s own actions and for the results. This includes standing up for decisions consequently, openly communicating your wishes and living your goals. We make a positive contribution to the community and use our resources responsibly.


“A family is like a tree. The branches may grow in different directions, but the roots hold everything together.”
We are human and inspire out of conviction. We are happy to pass on the positive feeling that we expire within our team to our guests. Cordiality and openness are a matter of course for us.


“Honesty – the test of courage of our time.”
Honesty is the foundation of happy guests and employees for a harmonious feeling of togetherness. Because any little honesty is better than a big lie. We formulate our expectations clearly, are objective and fair. A sincere and open attitude enriches the community.


“Quality lives through passion and not from regulations.”
The willingness to give the best is reflected in the satisfaction of the guest and the staff. Mistakes happen, so control is important. By working with standards and process descriptions, we implement our quality standards. General standard terms and conditions must therefore be strictly adhered to and we are also sceptical of price negotiations. Only in this way we can treat our team fairly and maintain the passion and enthusiasm for the profession in the hotel industry.


“By passion man lives, by responsibility he merely exists.”
Community and passion – We are strong when we trust each other, all pull together in the same direction and have fun in our daily interactions. It is our job to make the guests happy, to inspire them and we see this task as a privilege, we know what commitment it requires and we are proud of our successes.

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