Diploma in Hotel Catering and Management

Jasmin Specht (1st year of apprenticeship)

I decided on this career because I did two work experience stints here at the Steinburg and I really enjoyed it!

Mareike Rothkegel (1st year of apprenticeship)

My work colleagues are all really nice.
We get to know all sectors of the hotel as well as all the areas of each sector. At the Steinburg we not only get to learn about the à la carte business, but also about banquet hospitality and conference services.

Sandra Albus (3rd year of apprenticeship)

There is so much to learn at the Steinburg Castle Hotel and we benefit hugely from our colleagues’ many years of experience.

Michael Resch (2nd year of apprenticeship)

I decided on this apprenticeship because I just have such a huge range of options open to me when I get my diploma: I could go on and take a Masters degree, work abroad, on ships, in schools, at the reception, housekeeping, service, buffet, bar etc.

Sonja Haack (2nd year of apprenticeship)

Every day is different and every day you learn something new. All our colleagues are very helpful and do their best to teach and explain things to us as apprentices. And sometimes we’re just thrown in at the deep end, but that teaches us to face up to the challenges life brings. And I have to say that there’s also a fantastic working atmosphere at the Steinburg!

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