Castle Vault (Schlossgewölbe)

Offering a generous 108 m², the well-lit historical vault room is equipped with ISDN and WiFi. Centered around a striking pillar, the exposed vaulted ceiling and walls enhance the historical ambience and elegant medieval flair of the room, which is ideal for wine tastings, medieval buffets, themed buffets or events, such as “1001 Nights” or a “Witches Banquet”. Many events in the Castle Vault are hosted in combination with the small stage and the directly adjacent Castle Bar. For events/parties that stretch into the wee small hours, we are happy to arrange a lounge area with comfy seating or set up a discotheque. The sky’s the limit…

For your function with an adequate number of guests, we offer the room free of charge. Otherwise, we charge an additional room rent*.


  • Black-out options
  • TV connection
  • Phone
  • Speaker
  • ISDN + WiFi
  • Stage

Sample combination:

Castle vault (Schlossgewölbe) + Castle Bar (Schlossbar) + SteinReich (our wine cellar)



Rom Size Room

Schlossgewölbe 108 m2 3,90 m 68 52
Rom Schlossgewölbe
Size 108 m2
Room Height 3,90 m
Bestuhlung_Tafel 24
Bestuhlung_U-Form 24
Single tables 70
Stand-up reception 100
Room price* 1000,00 €


Schloss Steinburg
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