Starters & Soups

Tiramisu of wild garlic and pork knuckle on cucumber carpaccio
with crunchy yogurt and dill oil
€ 16,00

Foamed Silvaner soup
with iced grapes and cinnamon croûtons
€ 9,50

Wild garlic cappuccino with tomato polenta dumplings
€ 9,50


Seitan fried in rosemary on beetroot lentil hummus
with fermented oyster mushrooms
€ 18,00

Fish & Meat

Pike perch filet covered with wild garlic
on young spinach and lime bulgur
€ 29,50

Flavored entrecôte on port wine sauce
with iced sugar snaps and wild garlic potato hash browns
€ 37,00

Various leaf lettuces in fruity orange dressing with fried chicken breast
croûtons and caramelized seeds
€ 16,00

Seasonal leaf lettuces in balsamic vinaigrette
with tomatoes, cucumber, olives and mozzarella
on roasted garlic bread
€ 15,00


„Steinburger“ with French fries
~ ground beef steak with chilli, cheese, tomatoes, bacon, onions
rocket salad and Cajun mango sauce ~
€ 15,00

Cheese spaetzle with melted herb onions and small side salad
€ 13,50

Homemade “Winzerfleck”
Rye sour dough with sour cream, bacon, onions and grapes
€ 8,50

„Steinburgs Brettle“
Choice of South Tyrol farmer´s ham, fennel salami, Parmesan cheese
olives and pickled vegetables with fresh baguette
€ 17,00

Würzburger brats with Silvaner cabbage and bread
€ 10,00

Dessert & Cheese

Charlotte of rhubarb and buttermilk with caramelized orange confit
and maple sirup parfait

Mixed ice cream
€ 6,00

Mixed ice cream with whipped cream
€ 6,50

Iced coffee or iced chocolate
€ 6,00

Délice of yogurt and nuts
Pistachio, walnut-caramel and hazelnut ice cream
on creamy yogurt and nut topping
€ 11,00

Berry and mint
Strawberry, blueberry and raspberry cream ice cream on currant compote
with mint pesto and whipped cream
€ 10,50

Homemade cakes & gateaus

fresh choice every day

Piece of cake
€ 3,50

Piece of cake with whipped cream
€ 4,00

Piece of gateau
€ 4,50



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